Vote to Phase Out Plastic Roll Bags!

This is it!

Join us at the May 28th General Meeting, because your vote matters!

The General Meeting is at Middle School 51, 5th Ave & 5th St. at 7pm.

Submit this form to receive work slot credit for attending the General Meeting or sign the sheet near Coop elevator beforehand.

And please come vote YES to phase out the free distribution of plastic roll bags on the Coop's shopping floor by six months from the date of the GM vote.

Read the full proposal and research and please spread the word.

Hope to see you there!


Ralph Yozzo said…
This ban will affect everyone at the food coop. Should we not all be able to vote on it. One way to allow everyone to vote is to have a referendum. And a cost effective way to run a referendum is to use an online form. here's a live form that can be used