Monday, October 02, 2006

Why this blog?

We've been looking for a way to share information with food coop members. Publishing articles in the Linewaiters' Gazette is great, and is obviously the best way to reach the most number of members. But sometimes we have information that's not in article format, or is too time-sensitive to wait for their publishing schedule. Plus we'd like to have a place to save Gazette articles for future reference.

Blogging is free. Setting up this blog was easy. Posting to the blog is quick and easy. (For now, only committee members can post messages and/or comments on the blog.) And it's available for all coop members to read, plus anyone else who wants to read it.

If this turns out that this isn't the best format, well then maybe we'll try something else in the future.


Goal of Committee

The goal of our committee is to have the coop operate in the most environmentally responsible manner, in the products it offers for sale, and in its internal practices. The committee works towards these goals through education of coop members and staff, and at times through collective action. Education efforts to date have included: articles for the coop's Gazette, informative "Eco-Choice" shelf labels, postings on the Environmental bulletin board in the coop (at the rear of aisle 7), written recommendations made to the staff re. product additions and deletions, sponsoring evening presentations at the coop on environmental topics, and various proposals of change made to the coop's General Meeting.