Friday, January 25, 2008

Reducing Plastic Bag Use at the Coop

Are you interested in reducing plastic bag usage at the coop? Our committee is co-sponsoring a discussion item on the agenda for the January 29 General Meeting, and we'd love it if you could come.

Tuesday, January 29, 7:00 p.m.
Location: 274 Garfield Place at 8th Ave. (Garfield Temple social hall)

Agenda Item #2
Reducing Plastic Bag Usage (50 minutes)
Discussion: "Plastic bags are useful and practical, but have many adverse environmental consequences. We would like to brainstorm with members to solicit ideas about whether we can substantially reduce the number of produce (roll) and shopping (t-shirt) bags we use at the Coop, and how to do so without making the shopping experience more inconvenient or burdensome.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ride-Sharing: A Letter from the 1/17/2008 Gazette

"To the Editor:

I’d like to suggest that a ride share message board be added to the Coop’s website. This could be similar to the shift swap message board that already exists there. People could link up with others to share rides to the Coop or work, thus cutting down on the environmental and health effects of so many vehicles on the road. Pollution from traffic contributes greatly to the already hazardous air quality in New York City. Air pollution has been linked to respiratory diseases, lung cancer, cardiac problems and premature death. Vehicle emissions also contribute to global warming. Then there is the high cost of gas and the ramifications of importing it from other countries, or potentially destroying pristine areas such as the northern part of Alaska to drill for more oil. Ride sharing is a relatively simple thing that many of us can do, with great positive impacts for everyone.

Cynthia Blayer"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Importance of Eating Organic

In October, the US Environmental Protection Agency granted temporary approval for use of methyl iodide, a highly toxic fumigant favored by large-scale strawberry and other fruit growers to sterilize soil ahead of planting.

Read this article by Tom Philpott about the threats we still face from highly toxic pesticides used in the U.S.

This article also serves as an important reminder that eating conventionally grown (i.e. not organic) endangers not only your family, but all those who come into contact with your food before it reaches you, including farm workers and their families, residents of agricultural communities, and the millions of species that share the soil in which its grown.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Recycle Your Holiday Tree this Weekend

MulchFest, sponsored by the NYC Department of Parks and the Department of Sanitation, returns this weekend, January 5th & 6th from 10am to 2pm at 3rd St. and Prospect Park West. Drop off clean trees (no lights, ornaments or decorations) take away as much free mulch as you can bag and carry!

Visit the official MulchFest site for more information and additional locations in all five boroughs.

If you miss MulchFest, the Department of Sanitation will collect clean trees for composting from Thursday, January 3 through Wednesday, January 16, 2008. Set trees out unbagged and free of lights, ornaments and stands.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Post-Holiday Electronics Recycling Events!

Did you get a new iPod or DVD player or computer this holiday season? Don't throw the old one in the garbage -- recycle it!

Saturday January 5th and Sunday January 6th, from 1:00 - 5:00 PM at 462 Marlborough Road (between Ditmas and Dorchester), Flatbush, Brooklyn


Sunday, January 6, 2008 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM at Union Square Park, 17th Street and Broadway, Manhattan

Discarded computers and electronics are toxic hazardous waste! Keep your unwanted electronics out of the landfill by bringing them to this neighborhood e-waste recycling event.

We will accept working and non-working:
- Computers (laptop & desktop) and Monitors
- Servers, mainframes
- Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
- Network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.)
- Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, etc.)
- Components (hard drives, CD Roms, circuit boards, power supplies, etc,)
- TVs,VCR & DVD Players
- Audio visual devices
- Radios/Stereos
- Cell Phones, pagers
- PDAs,Telecommunicat ion (phones, answering machines, etc.)
- Media (floppies, cd's, zips, VHS tapes)**

(please note: we cannot accept small household appliances such as microwaves and toasters)

**Gets sent to www.greendisk. com - if you have a lot of media please go to the website, pay a small fee, download an address label and send it directly to them.

All materials collected will be recycled via Lower East Side EcologyCenter's partnership with BuildItGreen. For more information, visit the Lower East Side Ecology Center's website.